Paint_With_Texture action set.
Photoshop 6 and higher "Actions" that turn Photos into Paintings



Transform your digital or scanned photo into a painting. Just great for a different Xmas card this year, or maybe a large framed print as a gift, or just to boast about your artistic skills. However you choose to use them, the results are quite astonishing as the following images will show. If you have Photoshop 6 or higher then buy now for only US$12.50 using secure PayPal.

INCLUDES "Paint With Texture" "ClickPaint, QuickPaint", Slap-Dash5 and Effie Deluxe (P'shop 7/CS Only)
and Matisse_Final (P'shop 7 but 6 version incl. and requires BuzzPro2 plugin)

The action set will be emailed to you, so please make sure your return email address is updated with PayPal.



Original Photo

After using the Paint_With_Texture.atn





The above image is by Luc Minnebo

Click image to get a closer look.







Some Slap-Dash5 examples

Some Effie Deluxe examples
PS7/CS only



  Some Matisse_Final examples
PS7/CS only


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